A stable democracy, thriving market economy, and unique geographic position make Taiwan a highly attractive investment market, especially for U.S. companies. The United States is the second largest source of foreign investment in Taiwan, cumulative investing $23.7 billion as of September 2016 with 6,043 investment projects. At the same time, Taiwanese investment in the United States totaled 5,395 cases with a value of US$14.45 billion, making the United States the second-largest destination of Taiwan outward investment.

Top sectors for U.S. investment in Taiwan include wholesale and retail trade; manufacturing; financial and insurance; professional, scientific, and technical services; electrical equipment manufacturing; and electronic parts and components manufacturing. Most of Taiwan’s direct investment in the U.S. has gone into banking and insurance; wholesale and retail trade; electronic parts and components manufacturing; computers, and optical products manufacturing, and medical goods manufacturing.

The United States has always been an important source of foreign investment for Taiwan, and a major destination for outward investment by Taiwanese enterprises. Taiwanese and Taiwan affiliated companies have supported more than 97,122 jobs in the United States from its investments.

Taiwan’s superior location, political and economic stability, and entrepreneurial culture are just a few of the reasons why Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) ranks Taiwan 5th in overall investment environment among 50 countries. Taiwan’s unique investment climate is defined by its high-quality human resources, strong government incentives, a sophisticated infrastructure, unparalleled expertise in high technology, sound legal framework, and protection of intellectual property rights. Taiwan's corporate income tax is quite friendly towards businesses, at 17% it is among the lowest in the region. The Government has enacted special tax and non-tax incentives to promote investment in innovative industries such as cloud computing, intelligent vehicles, and green architecture as well as infrastructure projects, free trade zones, and science parks. A guide to investing in Taiwan can be found at the official government investment website.

Investment in Numbers

  • $23.7 billion: U.S. accumulative investment in Taiwan as of September 2016
  • $14.45 billion: Taiwan accumulative direct investment in the U.S. as of September 2016
  • 2nd: U.S. ranking as a foreign investor in Taiwan as of September 2016.

Top Sectors for U.S. Investment in Taiwan in 2015

  • Wholesale and Retail Trade($56 million)
  • Manufacturing ($32 million)
  • Financial and Insurance ($20 million)