Industrial Cooperation

Taiwan and the U.S. have been close trade partners with each other for decades. On August 10, 2012, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) unveiled the "Taiwan-USA Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office (TUSA)" to step up cooperation and to integrate all the existing platforms and channels between two countries. The U.S. industry has been a successful leader in technology innovation and global resources integration, and Taiwan's industries are capable of flexible market response, and rapid commercialization with complete industrial supply chains. The cooperation between Taiwan and the U.S. would enable the two countries to leverage each other's strengths for nurturing emerging industries with fast rapid commercialization capabilities. 

TUSA's Services:

  • Provide various platforms and networking services, such as workshops, seminars, forums, business/technology matching, and visiting delegation arrangements.
  • Provide consultation services and assist the success of your business development in Taiwan and Asia Pacific Region, from project initiation to commercialization.
  • Connect you to the right partners with value-added services, such as local market intelligence, business consultations, investment facilitations, and others.

Taiwan-USA Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office


TUSA aims to provide one-stop services to facilitate:

  • R&D institute-VC-industry partnership to encourage industrialized innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • US innovation-Taiwan engineering partnership to accelerate the commercialization of innovation.
  • US-TW partnership for the development of the next-generation industries.
  • US-TW partnership for talent exchange and cultivation.

TUSA's Goals: 

  • To revitalize the industry 
  • To bring the innovation results to market effectively
  • To create jobs
  • To drive the economic growth