Taiwan's Initiatives in APEC

Taiwan has been a trailblazer on many new APEC initiatives since it joined the forum in 1991

  • In 2009 Taiwan and the Philippines jointly proposed the creation of an APEC Research Center for Typhoon and Society (ACTS) to enhance scientific collaboration on typhoons in the Asia-Pacific and better inform decision-makers before storms strike. The plan was endorsed in September 2010 and the center soon became operational with its headquarters in Taipei.
  • Taiwan proposed the establishment of an SME Crisis Management Center (SCMC) in 2009 as a mechanism to help small and medium enterprises identify crises and respond to global economic challenges. The SCMC proposal was subsequently endorsed in the 2009 Leaders’ Declaration and in May 2010 the SCMC was officially launched in Taipei. APEC Executive Director Muhamad Noor attended the opening ceremony.
  • Taiwan was instrumental in the establishment of the APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC) in 2004, which aims to reduce the digital divides in the APEC region. With a Secretariat based in Taipei, the ADOC has established 101 training centers and trained about 450,000 people as of May 2013.
  • Taiwan is also a major contributor to projects launched by the U.S., such as the Energy-Smart Communities Initiative (ESCI), where it is helping build a platform for information on energy-smart research, initiatives, and conferences, and the APEC New Strategy on Structural Reform (ANSSR), under which each APEC member economy will undertake significant structural reform to achieve higher quality economic growth.

In addition to leading these groundbreaking new programs and initiatives, Taiwan is also a vital leader within a variety of APEC committees and other fora. APEC’s SME Working Group is currently chaired by Robert Sun-Quae Lai, Ph.D., the Director-General of the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration in Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs. Previously, Taiwan has led the International Science and Technology Network of the Industry, Science and Technology Working Group, the ICT Development Steering Group of the Information Working Group (TEL), the Fisheries Working Group (FWG), and the Agricultural Technical Cooperation Working Group (ATCWG). Taiwan also hosted the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) in 1998, 2004, and 2010.

Taiwan has been a trailblazer on many new APEC initiatives since it joined the forum in 1991

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Major Initiatives in APEC that Taiwan has led include: