Information Technology Agreement Expansion

Since its introduction in 1997, the ITA has greatly increased international trade in ICT products, the advancement of ICT technology, and the development of the digital economy that is shaping new business models and livelihoods for society. 

However, the decade-old agreement is no longer able to meet the needs of businesses. It must be revised and expanded to keep up with the times and evolve with the fast-changing IT technologies. Therefore, as instructed in the 2011 APEC Leaders’ Declaration, APEC economies are to play a leading role in launching negotiations to expand the product coverage and membership of the ITA.

To this end, APEC economies, including the U.S. and Taiwan, are working together to build momentum both in Geneva (at the WTO) and in APEC to move the negotiations forward by educating trading partners about the significant global economic gains that will result from expanding the ITA. Several APEC economies are leading producers and users of ICT products and services in the world and important participants in the ITA. Therefore, we should join hands in APEC and continue playing an active role in converting commitment into action in order to deliver greater benefits to the region and beyond.

Taiwan has been a trailblazer on many new APEC initiatives since it joined the forum in 1991

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Major Initiatives in APEC that Taiwan has led include: