Working Towards 2013 Indonesia's Year's Goals

Taiwan has been actively engaged in discussions with the U.S. and other economies under the APEC 2013 theme of “Resilient Asia-Pacific, Engine of Global Growth,” the three areas of priority set by Indonesia--Attaining the Bogor Goals, Achieving Sustainable Growth with Equity, and Promoting Connectivity-- and “Supporting the Multilateral Trading System,” which APEC has long been focusing on.

Since the Bogor Declaration of 1994, APEC has made great progress toward the Trade and Investment Liberalisation and Facilitation (TILF) goals. Taiwan is confident that all member economies' firm resolve and hard work toward fulfilling these goals will be important factors in maintaining the APEC region's economic dynamism and prosperity.

Indonesia year’s second priority, “Achieving Sustainable Growth with Equity,” points to the instability of world economic trends and reminds us that we must put emphasis not only on economic growth but also, and more importantly, on the high quality of that growth. Taiwan has worked especially towards such sustainable growth through SMEs and women issues, and also focuses on topics such as food security and health, which are in line with APEC Leaders' 2010 directions on "high-quality growth."

As for connectivity, the third priority, Taiwan affirms the Indonesian proposal on the establishment of an “APEC Framework on Connectivity” that would encompass the three major pillars of connectivity: physical connectivity, institutional connectivity, and people-to-people connectivity. This comprehensive framework will provide an integrated pathway through which APEC can carry out its relevant work. Making the APEC region more connected will facilitate the work of economic integration.

Taiwan has been a trailblazer on many new APEC initiatives since it joined the forum in 1991

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Major Initiatives in APEC that Taiwan has led include: