U.S.-Taiwan Business Club 2013 Summer Networking Event

The summer networking event was a blast and a great success, with more than a hundred business leaders participated in the event. Aside from the inspiring and informative speeches, there was also great live music that accompanied the attendees.

The keynote speaker for this past event was Mr. Kenneth Adams, Commissioner of the New York State Department of Economic Development. Mr. Adams shared insights on the state's “Regional Economic Development Council” and also shared first-hand news of the “Start-Up NY Bill.” Coincidentally, the “Start-Up NY Bill” was signed into law by Governer Cuomo the same day as the event on June 25th. Commissioner Adams provided details on this bold initiative: how it establishes tax-free zones around the SUNY university campus, and how the location will attracts new businesses to leverage research, technology and expertise of the university, and reach the goal of commercialization and job creation for the great state of New York.

Back by popular demand, the networking event's "Knowing Your Fellow Executives" segment also had two outstanding Taiwanese business people to share their success stories with us in the of the event—Mr. James Pi, President of Victoria Cruises and Ms. Su-Hwei Lin, President & CEO of Portage Worldwide Inc.

Victoria Cruises is the only American company operating 7 cruises ships in China’s Yantze River and has been rated as the largest 5-star cruise fleet in that area. Mr. Pi shared with us his life-long dream of establishing a Shanghai-Taiwan cruise line— which debuted on July 21st and sailed to Keelung and Taichung—a huge leap to building a global Chinese cruise empire.

Ms. Su-Hwei Lin runs the business of the “Manhattan Portage” bags. After Ms. Lin took over this brand in 1998, she turned this brand from a New York local brand to an international hit among the younger population in over 40 countries. Su-Hwei is very particular with detail, and makes sure that every bag made in Taiwan comes with the highest quality and best design. Her inspiring story and video showed at the event was a big hit, and touched many hearts.

About the U.S. Taiwan Business Club

  • The first U.S.-Taiwan Business Clun was established March 28, 2012 in New York City
  • The Business Club was established to further enhance the bilateral business relations between Taiwan and the United States, and to provide a high-quality networking platform for business people involved or interested in expanding bilateral commerce.
  • There are now several business clubs across the United States, including New York, Boston

About the Taiwan-U.S. Innovation Workshop

  • Established December 10, 2014 in New York City
  • Targets innovative industries and brings together thought leaders to share and discuss experiences in the industries

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