U.S.-Taiwan Business Club 2012 Fall Networking Event

Vice Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mr. Shih-chao Cho, kicked off the the 2012 Fall Networking Event of the U.S.-Taiwan Business Club on September 10 at the TECO New York Building. The focal point of US-Taiwan Business Club Fall Networking event was Taiwan. Vice Minister Cho had led a 9-member investment delegation composed of top-level executives from Taiwan to attend this event.

Aside from business leaders from Taiwan, the Fall Networking Event also featured influential experts from various government agencies from Taiwan, including:
  • Terry Lee, Deputy Director General, Department of Investment Services, MOEA (“New Investment Advantages in Taiwan”);
  • Frank Lin, Vice Researcher, Commerce Development Research Institute (“The Service Industry and Opportunities in Taiwan”);
  • Angelica Hao, Manager, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (“Taipei Investment Advantages and Business Opportunities”);
  • Angela Chou, Project Manager, InvestTaiwan Service Center (“Introduction to InvestTaiwan Service Center”)
The experts painted an overview of the investment and business climate in Taiwan and also discussed about the advantageous economic and development opportunities in Taiwan. The event was a success, not only did attendees get direct discussions with high level government officials from Taiwan, but it was also a great occasion for attendees to gain a full and comprehensive understanding of the economic opportunities Taiwan presented.

About the U.S. Taiwan Business Club

  • The first U.S.-Taiwan Business Clun was established March 28, 2012 in New York City
  • The Business Club was established to further enhance the bilateral business relations between Taiwan and the United States, and to provide a high-quality networking platform for business people involved or interested in expanding bilateral commerce.
  • There are now several business clubs across the United States, including New York, Boston

About the Taiwan-U.S. Innovation Workshop

  • Established December 10, 2014 in New York City
  • Targets innovative industries and brings together thought leaders to share and discuss experiences in the industries

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