U.S.-Taiwan Business Club 2012 Summer Networking Event

The 2012 Summer Networking Event was held on June 27, 2012 at the TECO New York building. The theme of the night was "Taiwan and New Jersey" and the keynote speaker, Mr. Michael Van Wagner, the Executive Director of New Jersey Business Action Center, delivered an exciting speech titled “The New Jersey Comeback” which inspired discussions about ways to increase bilateral commerce between Taiwan and the great state of New Jersey.

Invitees of the exclusive event included business executives from Taiwan and the U.S. Many among the invitees were senior executives from prestigious New Jersey businesses and trade promotion organizations such as Choose New Jersey, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, and New Jersey Business & Industry Association. The leaders of the organizations also had the opportunity to introduce their work and discuss how attendees could leverage their organizations for more business opportunities. Attendess from the business promotion agencies included Michael Chrobak, Chief Economic Development Officer of Choose New Jersey; Thomas A. Bracken, President and CEO of New Jersey Chamber of Commerce; and Frank Robinson, First Vice President of New Jersey Business and Industry Association.

About the U.S. Taiwan Business Club

  • The first U.S.-Taiwan Business Clun was established March 28, 2012 in New York City
  • The Business Club was established to further enhance the bilateral business relations between Taiwan and the United States, and to provide a high-quality networking platform for business people involved or interested in expanding bilateral commerce.
  • There are now several business clubs across the United States, including New York, Boston

About the Taiwan-U.S. Innovation Workshop

  • Established December 10, 2014 in New York City
  • Targets innovative industries and brings together thought leaders to share and discuss experiences in the industries

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