Sixth Round of TIFA Talks

Year & Location

2007, Washington, D.C.

Chief Negotiators

  • Taiwan: John Chen-Chung Deng, Chief Negotiation Representative of the Office of Trade Negotiations
  • U.S.: Karan Bhatia, Deputy USTR and Ambassador

Overview of Meeting

The meeting saw the singing by both sides of the Memorandum of Understanding and Working Guidelines for the establishment of an Advisory Committee on Agriculture. (The Legislative Yuan has been notified in accordance with the “Regulations Governing the Processing of Treaties and Agreements”) Also, discussions were held on Taiwan-US bilateral trade relations, WTO Doha round of negotiations, agriculture, standards for pharmaceutical pricing and medical equipment, protection of intellectual property rights, and Taiwan’s participation in OECD. In addition, substantive discussions were held on “block building” issues including: negotiations for signing of a bilateral investment agreement, e-commerce cooperation agreement, and, relating to cargo security, Megaports initiative and Container Security Initiative.


About the Taiwan-U.S. Trade and Investment Framework Agreement

  • Conceived in December 1992 during USTR Carla Hill's visit to Taipei.
  • The most recent TIFA was held in October 2016 in Washington DC.
  • TIFA is the primary platform for bilateral trade dispute resolution, trade promotion, and investment cooperation between Taiwan and the U.S.