Fifth Round of TIFA Talks

Year & Location

2006, Taipei

Chief Negotiators

  • Taiwan: Steve Ruey-long Chen, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • U.S.: Karan Bhatia, Deputy USTR and Ambassador

Overview of Meeting

The meeting saw discussions between both sides on a new round of WTO negotiations, Asia-Pacific regional economic development and integration, Taiwan-US cooperation at APEC, and issues of Taiwan’s accession to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement, agriculture, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, intellectual property rights, and trade security. Progress and consensus were achieved in several issues, and were listed as concrete results of the meeting. Overall, the US recognized that efforts made by relevant agencies of Taiwan Government allowed for concrete progress on issues such as agriculture, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, protection of intellectual property rights, and trade security. As for the unresolved problems, both sides agreed to continue to strengthen cooperation, and to actively seek for specific solutions.

About the Taiwan-U.S. Trade and Investment Framework Agreement

  • Conceived in December 1992 during USTR Carla Hill's visit to Taipei.
  • The most recent TIFA was held in October 2016 in Washington DC.
  • TIFA is the primary platform for bilateral trade dispute resolution, trade promotion, and investment cooperation between Taiwan and the U.S.