Second Round of TIFA Talks

Year & Location

1997, Taipei

Chief Negotiators

  • Taiwan: Justin Yi-fu Lin, Director General of the Bureau of Foreign Trade
  • U.S.: Lee Sands, Assistant USTR

Overview of Meeting

The meeting saw discussions on issues related to Taiwan’s accession to the WTO, comprising:
  • Negotiations on tariffs on goods (including tariff reduction negotiations on over 8,000 items of agricultural and industrial products) services market opening (a total of 122 service sectors);
  • Review of the economic and trade systems of Taiwan for compliance with WTO regulations, comprising: institution for protecting intellectual property rights (including patents, trademarks, and copyrights), food safety inspection institution, animal and plant health inspection and quarantine institution, import licensing procedures, customs valuation, trade-related investment measurement institution, border inspection measures, pre-shipment inspection system, rules of origin, import licensing procedures, projects related to subsidies;
  • Discussions on Taiwan’s accession to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement and the Civil Aircraft Agreement, also the contents related to Taiwan’s WTO Accession Protocol and Working Group Report.

About the Taiwan-U.S. Trade and Investment Framework Agreement

  • Conceived in December 1992 during USTR Carla Hill's visit to Taipei.
  • The most recent TIFA was held in October 2016 in Washington DC.
  • TIFA is the primary platform for bilateral trade dispute resolution, trade promotion, and investment cooperation between Taiwan and the U.S.