Opportunities in Taiwan

Thanks to smart-growth government policies focused on attracting new investment and developing a world-class knowledge and industrial infrastructure, Taiwan is poised to become a major hub and logistics operations center for R&D, manufacturing, and operations in the Asia-Pacific region. Taiwan has built integrated supply chains in almost every major industry, linking U.S. companies to not only Taiwan but all of East Asia. Now is the time for your company to lower costs, accelerate innovation and tap the booming Asian market.

Opportunities for Your Company

  • Hub in Asia-Pacific: Taiwan is located in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, at the center of the route between China, Japan, Korea and the Southeast Asian countries, and on the doorstep to over 2 billion consumers. In June 2010, Taiwan and China signed a landmark Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA), significantly increasing Taiwanese market access to Mainland China and lowering the cost of goods and services trade for U.S. business in Taiwan.
  • Global Logistics Capabilities: High-quality human resources and government incentives have prompted many local and foreign enterprises to set up their regional logistics centers, R&D, and operations headquarters in Taiwan. As of the end of 2010, nearly 50,000 Taiwanese companies had invested directly in Mainland China and ASEAN, forming a complete supply chain system for your company to develop its Asian market and reach out to the world.
  • Industrial Cluster: Home to more than half of the top 100 IT companies in Asia, Taiwan has become the global supply base for high-tech products, with the highest industrial cluster density in the world. Taiwan’s government plans to integrate domestic suppliers and establish stronger links to international industrial clusters.
  • Intellectual Advantage: Taiwan's 23 million citizens have a literacy rate of over 98% among those 15 years old and up, 36.75% of which hold college degrees, higher than the UK's 30% and France's 25%. From the 10-million strong labor force, the many MNCs in Taiwan have cultivated an R&D and managerial talent pool with a knowledge of how to do business in Asia in a diverse set of industries.
  • Innovation Capability: Taiwan’s focus on developing "knowledge-intensive industries" makes it the world’s third most entrepreneurial society according to IMD. Taiwan is ranked 6th on the EIU’s Global Innovation Index 2009-2013, and 11th for Gross Expenditure on R&D among the major OECD countries.
  • Sophisticated Infrastructure: Two international airports, 7 international harbors, high-speed railway networks, quality telecommunication services, and 70% household access to broadband internet service — ensures that you get your product to market.
  • Sound Legal Framework: Taiwan has a stable and transparent regulatory system based on rule of law, providing a high level of protection for foreign investment.
  • Comprehensive IP Protection: Taiwan has taken active measures to protect inventions and encourage innovation, including passing amendments that strengthen existing IP laws on copyrights, patents, and trademarks; assigning an IP Protection Police Squad; and dedicating a functioning IP court since July 2008.
  • Abundant Capital Funds: Mature financial markets and abundant capital resources support a personal savings rate of 28.1%, a stable exchange rate, and fair interest rates. Plans to increase financial transparency through International Financial Reporting Standards and competitive tax incentives provide the ideal, investor-friendly environment. Recently, Taiwan lowered its corporate income tax from 25% to 17%, among the lowest in the region.

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Trade Shows 

Every year Taiwan hosts about 50 international trade shows including:

  • COMPUTEX Taipei
  • Taipei CYCLE
  • TIMTOS (Taipei International Machine Tools Show)
  • AMPA (Taipei Int'l Auto Parts & Accessories Show)
  • FOOD Taipei, Secutech International
  • TPCA (Taiwan Printed Circuit Association Show)
  • Bio Taiwan
Most are organized by TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council) and related industry associations. Click here for more information.