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Industrial cooperation is critical to sparking innovation and and economic growth in the U.S. and Taiwan.  To learn more about industrial cooperation between the U.S. and Taiwan, explore the collection of media materials below and visit the Industrial Cooperation section.

Former head of Government Information Office gives speech on
creative industry in Taiwan at AIT on August 30, 2012
Ministry of Economic Affairs unveils Taiwan USA Industrial Cooperation Office in Taipei in August 10, 2012.

Publications and Reports

MOEA Unveils Taiwan-USA Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office, August 20, 2012

Taiwan-USA Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office


TUSA aims to provide one-stop services to facilitate:

  • R&D institute-VC-industry partnership to encourage industrialized innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • US innovation-Taiwan engineering partnership to accelerate the commercialization of innovation.
  • US-TW partnership for the development of the next-generation industries.
  • US-TW partnership for talent exchange and cultivation.

TUSA's Goals: 

  • To revitalize the industry 
  • To bring the innovation results to market effectively
  • To create jobs
  • To drive the economic growth