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Taiwan and the U.S. both place great value in promoting education within our own countries and around the world.  Thousands of Taiwanese and American students have had the opportunity to study abroad in each other's countries.  To learn more about education in the U.S. and Taiwan, explore the collection of media materials below and visit the Education Exchange section.

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Students showcasing their calligraphy skills at language class in Taipei
Exchange students exploring the beach with Taiwanese host students outside of the classroom
Thumbnail - Education Picture 3
Taiwanese students at exchange student event at the University of Minnesota

Publications and Reports

List of Colleges and Universities in Taiwan
Summary of Education System in Taiwan

Quick Facts:

  • 20,000+Taiwanese students studied in the U.S. in 2014-2015
  • 3,335 American students studied in colleges or universities Taiwan in 2013-2014
  • 3rd largest source of international students in Taiwan is the U.S.

Publications on studying in Taiwan

On short-term study programs, language programs, business management programs, and more!