About Us

is Taiwan's authoritative, one-stop source for news, data, events and analysis about the dynamic U.S.-Taiwan partnership.

The U.S.-Taiwan CONNECT website is run by Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs.  The website's mission is to: 
  • Increase awareness about U.S.-Taiwan developments among students, media, policymakers and business leaders
  • Facilitate trade, investment, education and tourism opportunities for U.S. citizens and businesses
  • Provide interactive online opportunities to connect with Taiwanese citizens, companies and government leaders
U.S.-Taiwan CONNECT focuses on U.S.-Taiwan collaboration in the following areas:

 Trade  Investment  Industrial Cooperation
 APEC Cooperation  Educational Exchange
 Immigration  Travel  Sister Cities

The United States and Taiwan share a long history of friendship and cooperation based on common values and a shared belief in democracy. Amid global and regional economic and security changes, the breadth of U.S.-Taiwan CONNECT highlights that the U.S.-Taiwan alliance remains critically important to both countries’ national interests.

If you have any questions or are interested in more information on Taiwan, please contact us by email: info@ustaiwanconnect.org